Experience is queen for the New BMW Z4

BMW creates a, what i would call, hyper-interactive experience for its new Z4 model where it uses a technology called Augmented Reality . The campaign is called expression of joy and it’s used for the second time after the launch campaign for mini in Germany.

you can experience the apllication here.

Experience is queen and interaction gets  more physical. This application, again from BMW, is so augmented that you think it’s just reality. Sensor Technology though is the prevalent technology that we will be watching for the coming years, a technology that’s used by Wii and allows us to interact in the most physical level possible. I ‘d say sit back and enjoy our future but i am obliged to say, Run and enjoy our present!!! I got stuck with Trauma center: New Blood. Imagine the educational value, games and interaction levels like these can have in the future.


~ by johnsamaras on April 13, 2009.

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